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Monday, February 7, 2011

Have a Laugh or Two: Pet Food for the FunnyBone!

MOO-vin on up, to the East Side! Daddy was an Albino, honest!


I feel a weird itch in my hair!


Cat gymnastics, anyone? Mama told me there'd be days like this!


I love this rug! I'm not leavin' it!


I never PAWsed my First Aid course! Sorry!

Doggone cute! Mama kitty was NEVER this warm!

Mama was NEVER this warm!

Where are the chips man?
 The game's startin' !


Excuse my language! But it's the only defense I have left! I'm tapped out!


I think I have this problem licked!


Hey I don' wanna hurt you bro! Listen up!


No 'arm done! But the hole I went in was a LOT bigger!

No pussyfooting around this kitten!!! My paws my friend!!!

Dog gone! Please? Does he meow too?


How do I get out of here?

"Look  . . . I was thirsty man, deal with it"...

I was learning how to be a 'straw boss'!cid:DC76894D375E4077ADEE8DD1EAF5F430@youb4824PC

Touch de duck... I keel you!...

'eee's my best fre-eenndd !cid:8F73A4259ADC4D4A97EA19A72FDE5403@youb4824PC

Weeeeeee!!!  Look at me I'm Yoda!

I can feel the force!cid:085164355E53447EB3BE6358A54794E6@youb4824PC

"You want a piece of me?  Bring it on!...


"Kid . . .. You're askin' the wrong guy".

I just don't understand cat humor.cid:49546D933B29455585B08C41E5667E60@youb4824PC

I don't get it.  Where's the milk?
What will parents think of next?

Wasssup!! Doggone cute!

This bird's about to get a snot bath...

However it snot.. what you think!cid:1B4F85CD5CC24F8F804795B883DE411C@youb4824PC

I Hate You!!! Why?

It was only a little pee, why the
30 minute timeout?
Was it a Sweet Pee?


Dad left when he found out about
Mom and the Panda...

Now keep this smile on, and have a great day!
Doctor's orders... (:-)

No animals were harmed in any way by the foregoing photo sessions. In fact, they enjoyed every minute! (:-0>

-Contributed by Barrie Brown

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